Happy Thanksgiving

"These are my Thanksgiving pants"

I'm soooooo full! But I've got my stretch pants on so there is still room for pie! Hope your holiday was delicious.


Homemade Holidays: An Autum Placemat

I thought I might share my boredom inspired placemat, just in time for Thanksgiving.

All I did was sew up the edges of some scrap muslin with one of the cute stitches on my machine, stenciled on a few leaves and then tied on some fringe for a little extra pizazz. Easy-peasy.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Fashion Friday: Rachel Berry Edition

Not only is her voice loud and powerful, so is her fashion. Rachel Berry has been known for some very questionable fashion choices, but with a little bit of refining, these outfits can be golden. She owns her unique preppy style and I admire that. It packed full with tall socks, plaid, argyle, skirts, bows and cardigans.


Ooh now what did I find??

While strolling Pinterest I came across this beautiful discount website, it's prices amaze me as well as it's products.

Set of two Round Brass Birdcage Card Holders (19" & 13")$18.99 24" Here Comes The Bride Wood Sign

34" Wooden Buffet Stand$39


A D.I.Y. to make your room look fly!

Chalkboards are very trendy right now, and my family can't get enough! Not only do they look so amazing, they are very affordable.

I got this cabinet door from the local salvage yard for just $5
and you can buy chalkboard paint from just about anywhere.

1. Gather your supplies

2. Prepare the surface: Sand the surface a little, just enough to get the gloss of the paint from before. Take a damp rag and wipe down the surface after to remove the dust.
Tape up the edges.

 3. Prime!

4. Paint, multiple coats is best.
The directions for the paint I used makes you wait a week before using it.

5. Hang.
I recently added the art and jewelry rack to my wall also.

"Whatever course you have chosen for yourself, it will not be a chore but an adventure if you bring to it a sense of the glory of striving, if your sights are set far above the merely secure and mediocre."
-David Sarnoff

Thank you follower's, today we are pleased to have reached our 1000th view!


Fashion Friday: Veterans Day Edition

A HUGE thank you goes out from us sisters to those who have served, and/or are currently serving and protecting our country. Here is an outfit that is inspired by those wonderful people:

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Or regular weekend if you aren't blessed with the day off like us!



It's clean!!! I used the door, every wall and the ceiling for storage to organize my new and improved craft closet.



I have been putting it off long enough. Judging by this picture you would guess that I have been putting it off for years. It is time to clean my disgusting black hole of a closet. It is time to purge and organize. I am posting this picture and proclamation in hopes that it will motivate me to pick my hiney up off the couch and get to business cleaning that darn closet THIS weekend.

Please don't judge me.

Fashion Friday: Wonder Woman Edition

What sensible girl doesn't want to be like Wonder Woman? She is the symbol of confidence, patriotism and she kicks some serious booty. She is a pretty powerful lady, with some sweet super powers.

You are sure to stand out in this outfit, strong, fashionable, and sleek, you are sure to be looked up to, literally and figuratively: Seriously, did you look at those heels?


Online Magazines

I love flipping through magazines and you know I do a little dance every time I get a new one in the mail. Just imagine my joy when I discovered that there are endless amounts of beautiful online magazines to peruse.

Just thought I would share a few of my favorite ones with you. Follow the links and check them out, they are beautiful. 
You will do a little dance too. Yep. A dance.