These are 10 of some of the most amazingly inspiring, beautiful, talented and fashionable women who have followed their musical dream and made their mark on the music world. There is obviously more than just what is on this list that I love, but this is just to get you started. They are all very different and have their own thing that makes them such special women. Click their names to link to a good youtube video of them doing their thing. This list is not in any particular order.



Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins.
The Postal Service.
Rilo Kiley.



Fleetwood Mac.


Playing With Portraits

Some portraits from a few months back Kierra and I have not done anything with yet. Playing around with light and backdrop. 


Creativity is hard.

Sometimes being creative is hard. 
Sometimes you do not have the time, or sometimes you do not have the inspiration. I know I do, that is why I have an inspiration book. It is this beautiful journal that is made from pretty gold-ish colored recycled paper, that every once in a while I take a few minutes and make a page or two in.


I fill it with anything I find that is beautiful, I mix textures and have fun, because it is only for you.

I press flowers, use different magazine clippings, or pages from a dictionary, feathers, colors, patters, or what not. 

 I collect phrases, ideas and images in it, all sorts of beautiful things. Remember though, sometimes less is more, play with space, and do not be afraid of doing something wrong.


Over the Hills

Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. We visited our grandparents a few weekends ago and were sent back down+ memory lane. I'll spare you the awkward pictures of us that our grandma had displayed ALL over her house and the photo albums full of her kitties. I will share this snip of her decor. There is something so cool about her dining room, china, artwork, wallpaper and gun case. No one can decorate quite like a grandma.




Many parents have sweet pet names for their kids, many of them animal related. My parent's called me bear. I'm not sure how this came to be but they do, sometimes even baby bear. I don't think I am supposed to admit that I love it, but I love it. This is why I have decided when I finally get the nerve to get my first tattoo that it will be a bear. It will be simple like this one, easily hidden and ridiculously small because I am rebellious like that.

 However, there is something about nature drawn onto the skin in that permanent black ink that just seem so right to me. So here are some other (and more detailed) bear or nature related tattoos I like as well:



I found all of these images through the horridly addicting pinterest and you should follow my personal tattoo board if you want to see more images.  

Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.


Another Photographic Adventure

We have been apreciating the rare scattered days of sun where we can take off our rain parkas and rubber boots, and the other day Kierra and I went on a photoshoot with our new friend Emily. In a few weeks I may even have a roll of 120 film developed from my lovely Holga I may just scan and share with you lovely readers.


Know You Bows


From birthday presents to Doctor Who, the runway to kindergarteners even Katniss Everdeen knows what's up! Bows are everywhere!  

bows. BOWS. BOWS!



A while ago I made some pillows as graduation presents for my dear friends, that night I told them I was planning on putting them on the blog and a year and a half later here it is!