Christmas Craft

Do it yourself and get creative. Start with a Styrofoam cones, then cover them with different
 things. Could be yarn, could be fabric strips (little strips work best and lay flat easier), buttons, string, etc, whatever you choose make sure you have a lot of hot glue on hand.


Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving is a time of family, food, parades and Clark Griswold!
So eat up everyone and have a merry Thanksgiving!!!
Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas
Via Rue Magazine
Via Style Me Pretty

Oh! And don't forget the pie!



Things you will need:
  • Fabric
  • Glue (Stick and rubber cement)
  • Pretty picture Frame
  •  Cardboard (if no insert)
  • Sheet music (could be newspaper clipping, book text, ex)
  • Tiny scissors
  • Computer and printer
1.   Find a quote and print it in reverse.  Make your letters big, and not too fancy – but if you do:  the fancier the letters, then the shorter the quote should be, and the larger the letters should be.
2.  Glue quote to back of fabric.  This way the letters will be a little easier to work with and it keeps them sharp.
3. Use the smallest scissors you can possibly find to cut out the fabric and letters.  It is tedious but well worth it.
4.  Glue the solid pieces of fabric you have left to the cardboard insert from in the frame.  If not use a cereal box and make one.  Be generous with the glue and make sure the fabric is really smooth.
5.  Line up your quote onto your sheet music.  Find a spacing and placement that you find aesthetically pleasing and use your glue stick to stick them down.
6. Assemble in your frame and enjoy!
Pick a short and simple quote & don’t cut the punctuation until the end to avoid confusion.


Wishes for a Super Spooky Halloween

From the Girls at Dandelions, Butterflies
may your costumes be clever and your candy not ruin your teeth!
The Outfit:
Via Keiko Lynn

The DIY:
Via Good Ol' Martha Stewart

The Song:
Monster by The Automatic Automatic

other good ones:
Help I'm Alive by Metric
Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
Is There a Ghost by Band of Horses

Now, I must go put on my costume : ]


Fashion Friday: Captain Hook Edition

Back to school has been crazy, so I am sorry for not posting my fashion creativity every week. Hope this sweet Captain Hook one helps you forgive me.
man, that pirate sure did know how to color block!
"I'll get you for this, Pan, if it's the last thing I do"


Naked Walls

When it comes to decorating I am not a minimalist. I believe walls should have anything from tasteful clusters of vintage finds to simple, however large, statement pieces. If you find a bare wall in my space it is simply because I haven't gotten to it yet. As I finish off selecting the pieces for the wall above my bed I look to Pinterest for inspiration.

Image via Amber Interior Design

Image via Tumblr

Image via I Just Might Explode

Image via Pretty Stuff

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Fashion Friday: 5 For Fall

5 Outfits, 20 Fantastic Fall Trends

1. animals
2. satchel
3. chambray
4. color block
5. leather
6. knee high boots
7. old man sweaters
8. printed jeans
9. ombre
10. thigh high
11. button ups
12. lace
13. knots
14. loafer
15. wedge
16. equestrian
17. colored jean
18 satchel bag
19. military jackets
20. stand alone collars


Fashion Friday: Elephant Edition

No, not and outfit for day's you are feeling fat,
but I suppose it could be for that as well,
 but inspired by elephants!



Dinner for 8.

Dinner party celebrating the closing of summer, with perfect weather too!
Let's start with the appetizer: Sweet Potato fries with a sweet lime dipping sauce.

Click here for the Recipe!
And now to drinks: Simple, simple, simple! Lots of fruit sliced up, some ice, seven up, and roses grenadine.
Then there was the table, make shift out of cinder blocks and our old rotted picnic table.
Some paper lanterns (originally Pottery Barn, but cheaper because we got them from a garage sale).
Fresh flower and playing with heights.
The food:
White wine, lemon, garlic, chicken pasta.
Some local corn on the cob.
Fresh bread from the farmers market.
Delicious green salad.
Chocolate Zucchini Cake with vanilla bean ice cream.
Oh yes, and of course: beautiful and hysterical friends and conversation!


Fashion Friday: Back To School Edition


Right now the only really exciting thing for me, about going back to school and the fall season, is definitely the fashion! Good thing I have a few more weeks to perfect my back to school outfits.



Fashion Friday: The 11th Doctor Edition

The Question in plane sight: Doctor Who?
The mad man in the box.
"Because bowties are cool!"


trendspotting: animal sweaters

I just have one question for you...
do you love these sweaters or do you really love these sweaters?

. . . . .
Fox Sweater

. . . . .
Sheep Sweater

. . . . .
Squirrel Sweater

. . . . .
Tiger Sweater
. . . . .
Cat Sweater 
Cat in Sweater
. . . . .



Music Moment: Going for Gold

 Gold on the Ceiling - The Black Keys

Blue and Gold Print - Mates of State

 Creator - Santigold

 Black and Gold - Sam Sparro

Golden - My Morning Jacket


Fashion Friday: Olympic Edition

Go team USA!  Happy watching everyone!

 And once again, the Netherlands win my vote for best dressed!

And then there is my British take:

Ralf Lauren and Next ain't got nothing on me!