Dinner for 8.

Dinner party celebrating the closing of summer, with perfect weather too!
Let's start with the appetizer: Sweet Potato fries with a sweet lime dipping sauce.

Click here for the Recipe!
And now to drinks: Simple, simple, simple! Lots of fruit sliced up, some ice, seven up, and roses grenadine.
Then there was the table, make shift out of cinder blocks and our old rotted picnic table.
Some paper lanterns (originally Pottery Barn, but cheaper because we got them from a garage sale).
Fresh flower and playing with heights.
The food:
White wine, lemon, garlic, chicken pasta.
Some local corn on the cob.
Fresh bread from the farmers market.
Delicious green salad.
Chocolate Zucchini Cake with vanilla bean ice cream.
Oh yes, and of course: beautiful and hysterical friends and conversation!


  1. This is literally the cutest!!! You ladies are awesome!

    1. Thanks! We are glad you enjoy our blog!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is an awesome setup for dinner. Friends and food, oh and wine, nothing better! Looks like a great time!