Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving is a time of family, food, parades and Clark Griswold!
So eat up everyone and have a merry Thanksgiving!!!
Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas
Via Rue Magazine
Via Style Me Pretty

Oh! And don't forget the pie!



Things you will need:
  • Fabric
  • Glue (Stick and rubber cement)
  • Pretty picture Frame
  •  Cardboard (if no insert)
  • Sheet music (could be newspaper clipping, book text, ex)
  • Tiny scissors
  • Computer and printer
1.   Find a quote and print it in reverse.  Make your letters big, and not too fancy – but if you do:  the fancier the letters, then the shorter the quote should be, and the larger the letters should be.
2.  Glue quote to back of fabric.  This way the letters will be a little easier to work with and it keeps them sharp.
3. Use the smallest scissors you can possibly find to cut out the fabric and letters.  It is tedious but well worth it.
4.  Glue the solid pieces of fabric you have left to the cardboard insert from in the frame.  If not use a cereal box and make one.  Be generous with the glue and make sure the fabric is really smooth.
5.  Line up your quote onto your sheet music.  Find a spacing and placement that you find aesthetically pleasing and use your glue stick to stick them down.
6. Assemble in your frame and enjoy!
Pick a short and simple quote & don’t cut the punctuation until the end to avoid confusion.