A Little Adventure on a Beautiful Day

Kierra and myself have been long overdue for a photographic adventure. Today was so beautiful that we had to stop playing video games for a moment and appreciate how wonderful it is. Here is what became of it.

Fashion Friday: 2011

 Here you will find my 10 favorite trends of 2011. These peices can be mixed and matched to many beautiful combinations!

1. Boot Socks
2. Oxfords
3. Tights and shorts
4. Vintage inspired designs
5. Oversized sweaters
6. Skinny belts
7. Knit sweaters, hats, headbands, socks, ect.
8. Cowel/Circle/Infinity scarves
9. Colored skinny pants
10. Maxi skirts



I know it's not Friday but I think it's my turn to share some fashion tips. These are addressing one trend that is really starting to grow on me: sequins. There are so many different ways to wear them! Here are a few different outfits I put together.
Ways to Wear Sequins
So bring in the new year with a new take on sparkle!


Wrap it Up

Hopefully you all have your gifts wrapped and ready for Christmas by now, but if that's not the case then here are some cute ideas from around the web and under my tree.

How to make...
 a paper bow
 a tissue paper pom pom

 {Sources: A Beautiful Mess, Design Sponge, Martha Stewart}


Fashion Friday: Christmas Edition

A classic Christmas tale inspired outfit, from one of the most memorable of Christmas stories.


I'll Be Home For Christmas

Oh, it just feels right having my friends home from college (and North Carolina!) for the holidays! In honor of their homecoming I decided there is no better way to celebrate than with a party, right?
We set up a cocoa bar complete with white and milk chocolate cocoa, candycanes, peppermint syrup, and of course marshmallows! We also had a pot of apple cider and many tea options.
We decorated with lots of candles and silver, white, green and red dishes.
I can't have a party without making cupcakes, these were peppermint cupcakes with a white chocolate frosting rolled in white sugar and crushed candycanes.
We had a wonderful evening, I loved every minute of reuniting with friends old and new and am glad that I had that night to celebrate this Christmas season with them.


Fashion Friday: Christmas Party Edition

Tis' the season for Christmas parties! 
(Sorry this is not really friday, us girls went on a spur of the moment thrifting adventure)
If you are feeling uninspired by what to wear here is a few idea's to get you one step closer to that eggnog and finger food, and enjoying the company of friends of old and new.

Have A Very Merry Holidays!

(these girls are amazingly talented, ignore anything after the first 1:40)


Feeling Foxy

Move over trendy owls, foxes are the new adorably awesome animal in town. Here are a few of my favorite foxy finds...
 A few items from Etsy like this stuffed fox, a pillow and this adorable kids hoodie.
 All this jewelry from beautiful Madewell.
 These slippers from Urban Outfitters.
And finally, there are tons of foxy finds at Night Owl Paper Goods.


Fashion Friday: Home Alone Edition

  It is Christmas time, and in that Holiday spirit I am creating a look inspired by Macaulay Culkin's hysterical character Kevin McCallister. Enjoy the holiday's!
And keep an eye out there is definately some more holiday posts to come!


Homemade Holidays: All That Glitters

I have been going a bit overboard decorating for Christmas this year. Here is a glimpse of what I made this week.

All these colors came in one pack... it called to me.

A little Christmas cheer for my dining room.

Normally I wouldn't be one to cover up a window, but when the view from that window is a carport, I can get over it.


Fashion Friday: 1987 Edition

It is Sharayah's 24th birthday today! So I did some google searching for inspiration from the year she was born. I found out that Alone by Heart was one of the top songs and couldn't resist. I heart Heart. They are fantastic. This song is 24 years old now. Happy birthday sis : ]