Fashion Friday: Of Monsters and Men Edition

I am in love with the band Of Monsters and Men, and think you should be as well.
 I was inspired this week by the artwork of their newest album My Head is an Animal, because of the beautiful sea, and the dreamy colours!
So give a look, and give a listen!

Birthday present!

Happy birthday my dear sweet Daeleen! We've been friends for a long time and I only plan on being friends even longer. Since I know you already opened up your present 5 days early I know I'm not spoiling anything by posting this.  (I'm just glad it shipped to you so fast!)
This is the easy clutch I made with some awesome wool I got for REALLY cheap at Goodwill lined with some muslin I had on hand. I love this project and it took hardly any time at all (unless you are Daeleen then I slaved over this for days).

Cut out one large rectangle of the wool or other thick shell fabric. You can guess on size by folding it into thirds. Cut out a slightly smaller piece of stiff muslin, about .5 an inch wider on both sides and 1 inch longer on both ends. 

Bind one end of the muslin, this will be the inside edge of the clutch.

Fold the pocket of the clutch face side to face side (wool to wool) making the pocket and the flap the desired size you want and stitch along the sides, making sure to sew all layers together. Then trim the excess off leaving just enough for a small seam.
OPTIONAL: Before you do this add a small inside pocket and or tag as I did.

Bind the final edges. Finish the end by snipping and folding where need be and sewing it down. For a cleaner look sew another row close to the finished edge. Sorry I didn't iron this so it looks really sloppy!

Sew in your button and add your button hole! 

I love the way this turned out and am excited to make something for myself out of this beautiful wool!


Getting Colorful

Who says crazy hair color is just for the rebellious?
Hair color is a fashion statement that should be embraced by all!

And then there is me...

I died my hair pink and yes I enjoy wearing bright colors with it (and I might make some Hunger Game capitol jokes about it). I know that not everyone can get on board with bright pink hair but I sure love it!


Tulip Festival 2012

One of the charms of living in the Skagit Valley, the Tulip Festival. They bloom every April and all the fields (and streets!) fill up with people from all over to see our famous tulips. 
 Since Sharayah, Kayla (our dear friend), and I had sunshine on our day off we decided to play tourist in our own hometown.  So after our trip to the street fair and a picnic on Little Mountain, we went to Tulip Town and took lots of pictures!
 And I'd love to give a shout out to the awesome parents of these kids!
Oh, and don't forget the dandelions!

Fashion Friday: Cinderella

At the stroke of midnight (well, around there anyways), we give you this outfit!
Pumpkin carriage ring, and glass slippers, or you can opt for the more practical sandal.  


Music Monday: Animal Instinct

Electric Owls "Darken Me"

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"

Fleet Foxes "He Doesn't Know Why"

Andrew Bird "Fitz and Dizzyspells"

Dr. Dog "Shadow People"

There are so many animal bands, so here are a few others that I would recommend: 
Trampled by Turtles
Animal Collective
The Dodos
Department of Eagles
Wild Beasts


Fashion Friday: Coachella Edition

The Coachella Valley music and Arts Festival is a huge festival held in California this and next weekend. It is massive and is jam packed with amazing artists like The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Miike Snow, Radiohead, Snoop Dogg, even Dr. Dre. It is in the desert and typically is HOT. Obviously somewhere I would LOVE to be this weekend.


Many Ways to Wear - Floral Dress

Aside from the typical cardigan over the dress, there are many ways to get creative with a simple dress. These styles have a nice pastel twist for the Easter holiday.

Button it up!
An over sized button up shirt and colorful knit necklace that really creates a statement.


Stripes are a floral's best friend!
A cute knot creates the waste right where it is the most flattering.


Make it a skirt!
Don't limit your possibilities, play with layering!


Music Monday

Coming Down by Dum Dum Girls

Not Enough by J Mascis
Happier by Jeff LeBlanc (Acoustic)
No Intentions by The Dirty Projectors
It's Time by Imagine Dragons

Here are five songs to listen to while sipping coffee and reading your favorite blogs! 
My recommendations:

Or peruse our dear friends' shop on Etsy:



Art on a Budget

 My walls have been looking a little bare lately so I dusted off some old books and transformed them in to wall art. I'm always looking for books that have colorful illustrations or beautiful text at thrift stores & garage sales. Remember this?

I can't bring myself to cut in to an atlas I found last summer at a garage sale. Read this coupon I found in it's pages that expired in 1940. 

Maps made easy art especially in matted frames.
My favorite places to get frames on a budget:
*Thrift stores (sometimes if the picture already in the frame is particularly hideous you can get a great deal)*
*Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls*
*Craft stores like Michales or Joann Fabrics (But only with a coupon!)*

My favorite book is all about flowers paired with watercolor illustrations of them.

Here I just cut out a rose and glued it over a dictionary page. 

 Ta-da! My hallway is now dressed for spring.