Birthday present!

Happy birthday my dear sweet Daeleen! We've been friends for a long time and I only plan on being friends even longer. Since I know you already opened up your present 5 days early I know I'm not spoiling anything by posting this.  (I'm just glad it shipped to you so fast!)
This is the easy clutch I made with some awesome wool I got for REALLY cheap at Goodwill lined with some muslin I had on hand. I love this project and it took hardly any time at all (unless you are Daeleen then I slaved over this for days).

Cut out one large rectangle of the wool or other thick shell fabric. You can guess on size by folding it into thirds. Cut out a slightly smaller piece of stiff muslin, about .5 an inch wider on both sides and 1 inch longer on both ends. 

Bind one end of the muslin, this will be the inside edge of the clutch.

Fold the pocket of the clutch face side to face side (wool to wool) making the pocket and the flap the desired size you want and stitch along the sides, making sure to sew all layers together. Then trim the excess off leaving just enough for a small seam.
OPTIONAL: Before you do this add a small inside pocket and or tag as I did.

Bind the final edges. Finish the end by snipping and folding where need be and sewing it down. For a cleaner look sew another row close to the finished edge. Sorry I didn't iron this so it looks really sloppy!

Sew in your button and add your button hole! 

I love the way this turned out and am excited to make something for myself out of this beautiful wool!

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