Once Apron a Dream

The other day I was sewing the curtain Sharayah bought me fabric to make and found myself distracted. Leftover was the perfect size rectangle to make her a surprise. I had an adorable "pattern" for a half apron (I use the term "pattern" loosely because I never even got the pattern my friend made out and just went from memory). I knew Penelope, the resident wire dress form in Shae's kitchen would look fabulous in it.
This apron is incredibly easy to make and takes barely any time at all. It is easily adjusted to fit any style and size. Here is my handy work on paint, an unproportional pattern to get you an idea.
1. The skirt: Hem right, left, and bottom of A. Run a gathering stitch on the top.
Get creative: add Rick-Rack, pockets, lace, bias tape, ribbon, buttons, and personalize the apron.
2. The ties: Hem bottom, left, and top of B and add a gathering stitch on the right.
Get creative: I add Rick-Rack and ribbon to the ends of the ties to add personality.
3. The waistband: Iron in the raw edges and iron in half, so you have a long rectangle that you can't see and raw edges and see the right side of the the fabric only.
4. Gather the skirt so that it is just skinnier than the waistband is. Gather the Sides of the ties so they are skinnier than the sides of the waistband.
5. Pin the left tie on the waistband, then the skirt, then the right waistband sandwiched in the waistband so you hide the unfinished edges. Sew along those three sides and you have yourself a brand new apron.

Play with the fabric combinations, make the ties different, piece together the skirt from a bunch of different patterns, add lace tiers. This pattern is so not picky which makes it a fun, practical project.

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