Here comes the bride (Pt. 1)

This weekend Kierra and myself are a part of one of our best friends wedding. As the wonderful bridesmaids that we are we threw the bachlorette party. All the bridesmaids being from 16-18, it is a hard thing to plan, thankfully the bride wanted something low key, she suggested Applebee's. So we all dressed up all cute and with our Miss America style Bridesmaid's sashes, and Bride to be sash on we went to the restaurant. Upon leaving one man starts reading our sashes aloud,"Bridesmaid... bridesmaid... bridesmaid... I Want to be a bridesmaid!" another man, not even with him shouts, "Me too!" After dinner we all headed over to mi casa and ate pie, cookies, popcorn, candy, and chips, then competed in a "who knows the bride best" style game Kierra came up with. Of course, I won. : ] We had present time, then we watched Bridesmaids and laughed all the calories we were indulging on off. Here is some of the more creative tidbits of the party:

Their last name conveniently has the letters for what they are in:

 Our underwear cookies : ]

Here comes the bride...

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