Sleeping Beautifully

Recently I rearranged my room and spruced it up a little, here are some of the results:

This was just a simple old frame but I used some hot glue, twine, pictures and clothes pins... voila! An inexpensive picture holder, which doubles as a headboard of sorts.

These I have had for a while, and I still love them! I used some scrap booking paper and made myself some origami cranes. Makes my ceiling like one big mobile, for the 18 year old baby I am.

And then there is a part of my camera collection. Just a few little nails and one makeshift camera strap out of twine. From left to right: Mom's Yashica from high school (sadly broken), my Holga (which is from urban outfitters and only about two years old), my baby a Yashica Electro (from the 60's, got it at a thrift store in Anacortes) and my newest addition the mystery camera from the mother of all garage sales in Everett. These are nicely placed over my new desk from the wonderful IKEA. (I, well technically my wonderful mother, painted that end table on the right of the desk.

Have a splendid day!

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