Fashion Friday: Halloween Edition

It is one of my favorite times of year: Halloween! It is a time where you get to be whoever, or whatever you want. That can be so exciting... so invergerating... and SO overwhelming! So here are a few ideas if you still haven't decided on what or who you are wanting to be this year.

Lady Gaga: Tux jacket, black pants, white shirt and a bow tie, and enough pacients for that crazy makeup...
Little Red Riding Hood: An amazing red cape, a cute dress, a bow, and some fantastic heels.
The Black Cat: Some cat eye glasses, a little black dress, some tights, kitten heels : ), and of course your little ears!

Velma: An orange turtle neck, a red mini, some orange socks, red heels, and those famous black frames!
Audrey as Holly Golightly: A classy black dress, some rocking diamonds (actually being from Tiffany's is optional), gorgeous gloves and a long cigarette holder (Shae used a black makup brush with a peice of paper taped to the end last year).
Peacock: Blue dress, green blazer, rocking green shoes, and an amazing mask.
Waldo: Blue pencil skirt, round glasses, striped sweater and socks, and that puff ball hat.


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