If you don't know what a hipster is at this point you are living under a rock. I will admit that I have some similarities with these creatures (i.e. music taste and love for vintage and sarcasm) however I am not one, I love me a cheeseburger. If you have any interest in becoming one or learning more go to Brooklyn, NY or the more local Bellingham. Wiki-How has a good How-To as well.

What inspires this post about the hipster? My sister Kendra and I's most recent fall creation, Tibbs. Tibbs is a hipster of an unknown gender (as a good hipster would not let you know, they always are blurring the lines). She/He sits quietly in our yard scaring away crows with it's need to be cooler than them, as they are so mainstream. Tibbs is dressed in skinny jeans, a thrift store plaid shirt, a Modest Mouse shirt (I know they are pretty mainstream but It's what I had on hand), ironic suspenders, Vans and of course some thick rimmed glasses despite his/her 20-20 vision.

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