Sofa Hunting

When I moved in to my apartment I was blessed with a free second-hand sofa. It's big, comfy and a little bit...dated. For the last 2 years a well fitted slipcover has done the trick but my slip cover patience is wearing rather thin. You can buy the best slip cover in the world and you will still have to tug, tuck and adjust it every other time you sit on it. It's time to put my tax return money towards a good cause and invest in a new couch. My requirements: comfort and tufting. Here are a few that I've been looking at.

This one from West Elm is my favorite so far. I'm drawn to it in dandelion or lagoon, an amazing shade of blue, but my practical mother says I should go for something a bit more neutral due to the fact that I am changing around my apartment so often. She's probably right.

This one from World Market.  It isn't tufted, but it is affordable and has pretty lines.
This handsome splurge from Anthropologie. He will not be coming home with me but makes for good inspiration. Check it out in chartreuse! I looooove it.

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