Music Monday: Girl Power

I remember in 6th grade saying I didn't like female singers and that I preferred, well pretty much anything Shae put on mix CDs. But man how I have changed my mind since. This is a list of 5 songs by female artists that changed my world.

1. Ella Fitzgerald - "The Lady is a Tramp"
Her beautiful jazz voice, her 13 Grammys, she really is "The First Lady of Song".
2. Lilly Allen - "Smile"
Her clever lyrics and beautiful accent sure make me smile.
3. Zooey Deschanel (She&Him) - "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"
When I heard her sing in Elf I knew if she released an album I'd buy it. With 3 She&Him CDs in my library, I'm a happy camper.
4. Joss Stone - "I Put a Spell on You"
She's got a powerful voice that sings to my soul.

5. Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) - "Drumming Song"
If you haven't seen a pattern, I'm a fan of powerful voices (at least when it comes to girl power) and Miss Welch is just that: Powerful.

Listen to the playlist HERE.

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