Shutter Time

My loves, my camera's!
Photography is a big part of my life and film photography is my favorite, it has the most character.
Each camera has it's own personality, and it shows in its pictures.
I have a collection of film camera's, some older, some newer, but, mostly old ones.
Most no longer work, but there are a few that do.
Even if you don't appreciate the camera, you can appreciate the pictures.


Electro 35, my baby, the one I use the most

Mom's camera from high school, it's a shame it no longer works

Holga, from Urban outfitters, takes the most beautiful of pictures

She is Kierra's, but is most fun to look through
Polaroid, I just need some film : ]

Twin Lens, she is what started this collection

New edition, her name is Mini, she is so cute!

New edition as well, video camera

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