Spring is Too Far Away

Winter has barely started but I'm already excited and ready for spring. If you are with me, here are three things to tide you over until the cold winter has blown through and those spring flowers start blooming.

1. How about some springy lemon cupcakes topped with pineapple flowers that I made a while back?

Martha Stewart's Pineapple Flower DIY and my favorite Lemon Drop Cupcake recipe.

2. Speaking of Lemons, here is a bit of Spring Fashion:

Thanks Alice and Olivia

3. Happy Home. Get that spring cleaning done so you can start redecorating!

Apartment Therapy is awesome.

In the meantime here are my top three favorite blogs to help pass the time:

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  1. Oooooo. I love A Beautiful Mess, I'm gonna put that on my list. Thanks for the recommendations. :)