Around the time my sister Sharayah moved out of our home I decided I loved to sew. When she needed curtains hemmed, I dug out May-Ruth, my Grandma's sewing machine we borrowed over 5 years before to make pajama pants with my mom (I might add we never made) and I shortened her curtains, made her several other sets and pillows and cushions and more to decorate her little apartment. Soon enough I made a couple shirts, a dress, aprons, more pillows and the story continues.

Recently a friend bought what is called an infinity dress, I had seen them before, in fact Sharayah owns one. Its essentially a skirt with a waistband and two really long pieces of fabric that can be wrapped and re-wrapped into and infinite number of dresses.

I had some stretch jersey that I bought a while before and knew I could do it fairly easy. The other morning I drew out a pattern of 3 pieces (in the picture on the top right; left to right: skirt cutout 7 times, waistband on fold double layer, and strap 2 yards) and sewed it together with unfinished edges to allow the straps to stretch the way they want to.

The dressed turned out so well my sister Kendra begged and bribed me (a whole $2!) to make her one. It took just under 3 hours with the pattern already drawn up and I'm sure if I make one again it will be even faster. (Pictures of dress 2 up soon)

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