Yesterday was the 3rd of July, it was sunny and lovely out so we had our friends the Mailliards over. The food was great & the company was fun.

The Menu:
Pink Lemonade (In Mason Jars)
Build your own BBQ Pizza (on Naan or Focaccia)
Garden Salad
Drip Raspberry Lemon Cake
Fruit in Raspberry Liqueur with a Vanilla Cream

The Mason jars worked wonderfully to have adorable pre-poured beverages that we easily were able to pack in ice, keeping them cool and refreshing.

The Pizzas turned out very well. We made a spread of toppings and gave a quick how-to (this is where putting olive oil on the bottom of the bread so it didn't stick to the grill or burn went over my dad's head as he put it underneath his toppings originally). The Naan bread was recommended by my friend Cooper and it made a wonderful crust. Not too thick and it did not dry out.

Berries always make for a great summery dessert. The berries are in season (well the strawberries are and the raspberries are almost there) and easy to find.

The Vanilla Cream was from aunt Martha (if only it was true that she was actually my aunt)

Kendra found the recipe for the Lemon Rasberry Cake

They paired so nicely most of us had both.

The night was beautiful and I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

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