On June 10th Kendra and I graduated from High School. After 13 years at our small christian school we were finally ready to be done. There is no better way to celebrate such an accomplishment than with a party, right?

Our school colors were, you guessed it, blue and white. But the real color wasn't all that pretty, so we started our plans with mismatched blue floral and patterned fabrics. We cut them in squares as large as the fabric would let us and put them on top of white tablecloths as overlays.

We got some more mismatched fabric and I made a fabric pennant banner. By making a paper pattern triangle the size I want the pennants I used it to cut the fabric to size I folded over the edge and buzzed over it with my sewing machine making a pocket which I slid some cotton yarn through. I made two strands, one was double sided because it could easily be seen from both sides and this one I cut on the fold and stitched along the edges while still leaving a pocket at the top.

For a photo display we arranged spray painted willow branches in a hurricane with some blue beads in it. From the branches we hung photos that we had printed up at Costco with a white border. We sandwiched fishing line in between two photos with some tape. Around the neck of the hurricane we tied a strip of one of our blue fabrics. This sat nicely in the middle of my cupcake display.

The cupcake display was arranged with a bunch of cake plates stacked on top each other, some cupcake trees, some upside down wine glasses in various shapes, some blue beads, a square of fabric and some glass domes. I used aunt Martha's cupcake liners that were in 2 silver patterns.

The food was a pasta bar. The table was two layers as it had a closet door that was bought at a salvage yard and covered in chalkboard paint for easy food labeling. There were two types of noodles, a white sauce and a red sauce as well as baked ziti. We had salad and bread, both bread-sticks and a french bread.

The entire party was a huge success. It was weird having so many people I knew from so many different places all together in one place. We loved every minute of it.

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