What I did with $25

A little cash doesn't seem to stretch as far as it used to, but a few days ago I was on a thrifting mission. I know thrift stores smell bad and there are a lot of rocks you have to discard before finding your gold, but when you find your items it all becomes worth it. I was going to buy beautiful things for just about $25 dollars. I got some surprisingly good items. At this little boutique known commonly as Value Village I got myself a copy of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, a sweet t-shirt I will be reconstructing in a later blog post and a lovely pair of boots that are Sofft and basically brand new (with the wonderful scent of real leather) which is a steal seeing that similar shoes go for around $120. And then at Goodwill I struck gold again and got a Levi denim jacket to go with all my summer dresses, a pack of variety yarn for my knitting needs, and and two Nicholas Sparks novels: Nights in Rodanthe and The Guardian (which I am probably going to finish very soon, and definitely recommend it).

And here are my wonderful finds:

P.S. Kierra found some gold too:

2 zippers, some yarn, a book and a lace curtain for her sewing creations:

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