Fashion Friday: Halloween Edition

It is one of my favorite times of year: Halloween! It is a time where you get to be whoever, or whatever you want. That can be so exciting... so invergerating... and SO overwhelming! So here are a few ideas if you still haven't decided on what or who you are wanting to be this year.

Lady Gaga: Tux jacket, black pants, white shirt and a bow tie, and enough pacients for that crazy makeup...
Little Red Riding Hood: An amazing red cape, a cute dress, a bow, and some fantastic heels.
The Black Cat: Some cat eye glasses, a little black dress, some tights, kitten heels : ), and of course your little ears!

Velma: An orange turtle neck, a red mini, some orange socks, red heels, and those famous black frames!
Audrey as Holly Golightly: A classy black dress, some rocking diamonds (actually being from Tiffany's is optional), gorgeous gloves and a long cigarette holder (Shae used a black makup brush with a peice of paper taped to the end last year).
Peacock: Blue dress, green blazer, rocking green shoes, and an amazing mask.
Waldo: Blue pencil skirt, round glasses, striped sweater and socks, and that puff ball hat.



Fashion Friday: Wincing the Night Away edition

And it is Friday again, lovely, lovely Friday and this Friday I actually am remembering to do my fashion Friday post. This week it is inspired by one of my favorite album covers by one of my favorite bands, The Shins: Wincing the Night Away. It being such a two toned cover, I added some excitement with some blue nail polish and some trendy red feather earrings. Oh man, do I really wish I owned this outfit...



Fashion Friday: Steve Jobs Tribute Edition

Okay, Okay, I know it is Sunday, (actually almost Monday now) but I forgot. Shoot me. I am human. Better late than never!

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name Steve Jobs, you think fashion icon right? Well, maybe that is the second or maybe fifteenth thing you think of.... well, anywho, I made an outfit in memory of him, but spruced up a little for you, enjoy!

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”  - Steve Jobs 1955-2011

(I am pretty sure he only ever wore black turtlenecks tucked into blue jeans and new balance sneakers, seriously, you can google it)



If you don't know what a hipster is at this point you are living under a rock. I will admit that I have some similarities with these creatures (i.e. music taste and love for vintage and sarcasm) however I am not one, I love me a cheeseburger. If you have any interest in becoming one or learning more go to Brooklyn, NY or the more local Bellingham. Wiki-How has a good How-To as well.

What inspires this post about the hipster? My sister Kendra and I's most recent fall creation, Tibbs. Tibbs is a hipster of an unknown gender (as a good hipster would not let you know, they always are blurring the lines). She/He sits quietly in our yard scaring away crows with it's need to be cooler than them, as they are so mainstream. Tibbs is dressed in skinny jeans, a thrift store plaid shirt, a Modest Mouse shirt (I know they are pretty mainstream but It's what I had on hand), ironic suspenders, Vans and of course some thick rimmed glasses despite his/her 20-20 vision.


I prefer the title "cat enthusiast"

To all my friends who have always said that I will one day become a crazy cat lady....

You may be right. 

I mean seriously, how cute is he?
And the crazy begins...
Cat house.
Cat eye.
Cat eye sunglasses.
Cat in Sunglasses.

Cat humor. 

While I do not currently have a feline friend, I could really use a companion in my lonely apartment.
 Hope your weekend is purrrrfect!

Images via Pintrest

Fashion Friday: Duckie Edition

Pretty in Pink, Pretty in style!
Now aside from my cheesy word play, I put together another outfit for you fashion lovers this week. Something with a little class. Inspired by Phil Dayle, a.k.a. Duckie from the great movie Pretty in Pink an outfit with a modern more feminine edge.


Pouf there it is

It's trendy. It's functional. It's adorable. It's a Pouf!
A happy yellow pouf from World Market
A mushroom pouf from the amazing Anthropologie, perfect for my lawn gnome Halloween costume.
A casual neutral knit from the always green Viva Terra
And a few more adorable options from Urban Outfitters